In your initial 15 to 20 minute consultation we’ll gather all the information we need from you to make sure your tattoo removal is successful. We’ll assess your priorities and ensure that you leave knowing exactly what to expect and how much it will cost to remove your tattoo.



You’ll understand exactly what is happening every step of the way. We know this step can be intimidating but we believe it should be an exciting time for our customers. In your treatment you will be provided with pain relief and skin cooling technology will be administered to reduce any discomfort.



It’s likely that you’ll require repeat laser tattoo removal treatments (this will be assessed in your initial consultation). For darker tattoos the process may take longer but we tailor our treatment to meet your end goal. Following repeat treatments your tattoo will slowly fade as your body’s lymphatic system works to filter the shattered ink particles out of your body.



Your tattoo will have faded considerably and 6-8 weeks after your final treatment the area from which the tattoo has been removed will be healed.