Have your tattoos stopped you from feeling like you? Discover how laser tattoo removal benefits your mental health.

We often look back on our past choices and actions and cringe – it’s only natural after all. Thinking of that time you asked someone out in high school and got rejected probably sends chills down your spine. But hey, as that popular saying goes, ‘that’s all in the past’.

But in some cases, it’s much harder to let bygones be bygones. We’re of course talking about tattoos. ‘You know that’s forever’ is probably a saying you grew weary of hearing over the years. The commitment was probably calculated and still deemed to be the right call, and that’s OK because it probably was the right call at the time. But it’s ok to move on.

Three in ten Australians (31%) have said they regret their tattoos to some extent. Regretting a tattoo can lead to body perception issues and a drop in confidence/mental-health.

Luckily tattoos don’t need to be as permanent as they once were. Here are the emotional benefits of laser tattoo removal.

Turn The Page On A Life Event

You’re not expected to be defined by your past choices in life, so why should a tattoo be any different. Things change, and so do people – that tattoo that might have sparked joy a few years ago could be a constant reminder of something you’d rather leave behind. It could be the name of an ex-partner or another close person. It could be from a stage in your life which you have moved past. It’s easier to move forward without a constant reminder on your skin.

Feel More Confident In Your Skin

Your appearance directly affects your confidence. If you don’t love your body it can be detrimental to your mental health. Your tattoos become just as much a part of your body as all your other features.

Self-esteem can alter over time. What once made you feel bold and cool can become a weight on your emotions. You deserve to be comfortable, so there is no shame in having your ink removed. It may help you reinvent yourself.

Helps Open Up Space

When you have a bad tattoo or just don’t enjoy the look anymore, the natural thought process is removal or cover-up. You don’t need to commit to one or the other; infact, tattoo removal can help reduce bold lines and deep colours from an existing tattoo to set the canvas for a coverup. This way your tattoo artists won’t need to worry about camouflaging the lineart of your previous ink.

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